Sunday, 8 June 2014


ALEX - A couple of weeks ago were were invited to pick a pair of sunnies from the range at Here are our picks:
Mino: Ray-Ban Aviators
Alex: Ray-Ban Clubmaster
Chin: Alexander McQueen
Danny: Ray-Ban Clubmaster

CHIN - I've been on a big Eighties movies binge lately. This week's was the classic Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith who everyone had completely forgotten about... until the day after I watched it when her divorce from Antonio Banderas was everywhere (weird how this always happens, huh?). Here I celebrate her big achievement and by achievement I mean hair. Also, if you're ever stuck for ideas for make-up, let this movie be your guide.

DANNY - I can pretty much eat Malaysian food all day errday so I get pretty excited to discover new restaurants in my neighbourhood. Uncle Man's opened a little while ago on K Road and I checked it out yesterday. And again this morning. You should go try it out. The ambiance is authentically non-existent and the food is ace. And super cheap. Don't be put off by the weird European section on the menu, just pretend it's not there and head straight for the good stuff. The nasi lemak is pretty awesome, as is the mee goreng and roti canai (the roti is hand-made on site and super-fluffy, not the frozen stuff you get at some other places).

MINO - Every so often I get obsessed about a TV show and at the moment it's The Face Australia. It's awesome. I can't get enough of it and by it, I mean Naomi Campbell - direct, ruthless, strong, hilarious and in my opinion, fair. It's a must-watch! Wednesdays, 7.30 on FOUR.

P.S. We snapped one of the contestants Melise back in 2012 - click here to see the post.

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