Sunday, 1 June 2014


ALEX - I had been meaning to try out RAD in Mt Eden Village for awhile as it's pretty close to home so checked it out yesterday with Mino and everything about it was good!! As soon as we walked in, we left suburbia and entered a bustling cafe with menu options that had us confused about what to order (because everything sounded great!). We are self-confessed over-orderers and between the two of us, we had the garlic prawn and mild chorizo on lemon linguine, the Vietnamese inspired beef lemon grass on vermicelli noodles, Grandma’s Pork Bánh mì, The Tang Tang juice and a coffee - all quite different dishes but all so great, I couldn't pick a fave. The service was great, the interior interesting and I will go there again with 100% certainty.

CHIN - Earlier this week, I watched the video of Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition Tour. A segment inspired by the movie Dick Tracy happened and it made me want a yellow trench coat. A butter yellow, double-breasted trench coat to be exact. I've searched the whole internet but can't seem to find one. But I did find this promo photo for the movie and the original one worn by Warren Beatty. I guess I'd find a flimsy version at a costume hire place or something but that's not what I'm after.

DANNY - I've had a sale alert on these for the past ever and yesterday a buzz came through on my phone. The Saks Fifth Ave sale is on. They're 30% off. They're still a whole giant load of money. Money which I don't really have because I'm supposed to be saving for a possible trip later this year. Plus you know, bills and stuff. But I really love them. Should I just get them? I'm leaning towards a rational, money-wise 'no', but I could be swayed.

MINO - While I was in Sydney a couple of months ago I discovered Ciroc Coconut Vodka on the rocks with lime. While this might be old news for some, it was good news for me - delicious! The only thing is, I don't know where to get it in NZ so when this bottle runs dry, I will have a good reason for a trip to Sydney.

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