Sunday, 25 May 2014


ALEX - This week, we each ordered a pair of sunglasses from and it couldn't have been easier. They have a great selection, a very user-friendly website and I can't wait to see my purchase. More on this later.

CHIN - I'm thankful for the cooler weather. It's allowed me to look in that section of my wardrobe I've ignored for too long. Knitted from an Eighties Vogue knitting pattern, I rediscovered this gem of a woollen jumper given to me a couple of years ago by a friend.

DANNY - My workplace currently has this 20 kilo wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano sitting in the fridge. Just because my work decided that a 20 kilo wheel of cheese was a very good thing to have. You know, for just in case. I think the pit we've made in it so far is adequate evidence of a good week.

MINO - 3-day weekends are the best. I had the perfect end to the week in Matarangi in the Coromandel with 11 of my closest friends. We ate (a lot), drank (a lot), laughed (a lot), played board games (it got pretty competitive -you know who you are…), and just walked along the beach enjoying the fresh air and good company. Does it really have to be Monday tomorrow?

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  1. Can I have your jumper Chin? haha


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