Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Emma from Rag Pony appears effortless and her look personifies her relaxed demeanor. The blue denim of Cheap Monday jeans from Black Box go really well with the awesome colour of her Juliette Hogan sweater which is also set off by the her red lip.  Her sneakers are by Converse, socks by Karen Walker and bag by Deadly Ponies from Children of Vision. Emma finished her look with a vintage necklace and watch and this really cute squishy accessory on her bag! 


  1. Where is your model in these photos? I don't recognise this part of Auckland (am visiting in April for the first time in 5 years)

  2. Hi, This is the Britomart precinct in downtown Auckland. Check out this site for more info : and have a great visit in April!


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