Friday, 25 November 2011


Emma made her dress herself. We really like the delicate colour and fabric together with it's raw hemline. Her hat, cardigan and socks are all vintage. Her ring is from a $2 shop and her awesome chunky necklace is from Lovisa. We love how Emma's punctuated this look with glittery accents on her nails and ribbon shoelaces.


  1. beautiful girl....socks....who has vintage socks.....:)

  2. THE $2 SHOP??!! Wow I need to get one. It's beautiful. I love her nails and I love the raw hemline on her dress too.

    I saw her in the Viva mag. Congrats on having your second big article in there. Is that right? Good publicity huh.

  3. mimibelle, we're finding quite a few people around with vintage socks.

    Cheers A.Jolie. We hope you continue to enjoy our blog.


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