Sunday, 27 November 2011


The intense colours of Courtney's vintage dress and fantastic heels created instant impact. We loved the little details too, like the pearl collar on her vintage shirt, her silver necklace, and the floral motif on her tights from Smith and Caughey's.


  1. Sweet blog FOUREYES.
    I got the newspaper when I was in Auckland for few days and found Viva magazine in it, which is great. I loved the answers all the teenagers gave in their interviews. I think I liked Courtney's outfit the best, oh my, I want the dress, socks, heels and the sunnies. They're Karen Walker aren't they?

  2. Cheers Abbey lee k! We love Courtney's style too. We're not sure what sunnies they are but they do look very KW.

  3. Abbey Lee (in NYC)1 December 2011 at 12:41

    You said in Viva she was going to a model casting. Do you know what for? I'd love to see her in a magazine spread or campaign - wearing those heels and socks haha


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