Sunday, 27 April 2014


ALEX - About this time last year, the four of us were all here. If I can't be there this year, can I at least have these? That's all.

CHIN - These Officine 904 bow ties arrived for us from the good people of Issimo in Christchurch earlier this week. I knew immediately they'd make a pretty photograph. They are little, leather, Italian, unisex and remind me of farfalle.

DANNY - New New Zealand gin company Rogue Society sent us a bottle to try which inspired us to try and recreate the gin, sake and orange martini from Masu, another of this week's highlights. Maybe not quite the same, but I was pretty damn impressed with my mixing skills. At least enough to neatly arrange all of the components for this photo. You should try them. Two parts gin, one part sake, splash of Cointreau, stirred with ice, strained, orange peel garnish.

MINO - A group of us went to Masu Japanese restaurant on Friday and it was good! I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine and this place was no exception. Highlights on the menu for me included a selection of generously portioned and super fresh selection of sashimi, the spicy Tuna Maki roll, a melt-in-your-mouth black Wagyu beef sirloin (that I think I could probably eat everyday of my life) and black cod dish. The service was also awesome. I was too busy eating to take a photo for you but this place is worth a try!

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