Sunday, 9 February 2014


It's not too often that we hear about new New Zealand eyewear labels, so we were pretty happy to come across Age Eyewear. We were first introduced to the brand a few months ago by its designer and creator, Hollie Reedy. We checked them out at the time and were pretty impressed. Hollie returned to NZ from London recently after running a vintage store there with an extensive eyewear selection, an experience that contributed to her decision to start up the vintage-influenced Age.

Recently, Hollie gave us the chance to have a play with the entire range of her latest designs. With 40 + glasses to try out, we had a major play and picked out a few of our favourites.

All the shapes play on or reference a vintage aesthetic but are distinctly modern and unique, not getting too caught up in reproducing retro styles. They all feel super well-made and solid too. We particularly like the subtle colour choices and custom made acrylics that give the range a refined point of difference.

Age is starting to hit stockists around NZ now and they're also available online here.

Scroll down to see our favourites (along with some gratuitous animated GIF action, naturally.)


  1. Very nice article. The boys are looking very smart by wearing the sunglasses. I also like to wear these sunglasses. Amazing.


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