Thursday, 17 May 2012


With her vibrant, colourful look, Judi caught our eye from across the road. Her bright green jacket was a great second hand find from Soup Fashion Recovery in Wellington and the matching green bag was from a Wellington market. Her Evisu jeans were another second hand score. The striped dress was from Sydney and the skull pendant was picked up in Taupo. Her hat was by Fred Bare and her Missoni for Converse shoes were from Scotties.


  1. Nice article, btw, the skull jewelry is nice The little hinge ring cluster is my work (jewels Vine) and also the earring, a skull critter in sterling and stainless steel. shameless plug of course, but I don't get a lot of press. Being a nelson resident is not great for contacts in the fashion world!

    Best, J (:

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Your jewellery is awesome. Please feel free to leave a web address in your comments if you have a website.


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